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3 Crucial Revision Steps

4 years of secondary school life with hectic schedules including school classes, CCAs, supplementary and so on. It is important for students to be able to retain what they have learnt as everything is a buildup to the major exam and for most students, that would be the O-levels. We put together 3 crucial revision steps for students to incorporate into their revision routine.

Be Self Aware

Which topics should you start to tackle first? Each subject has its lengthy amount of sub-topics that comes with it. Our advice is to try to be aware of the topics that you know you are weaker in. Is it acid, alkali and salt from Chemistry? Or maybe coordinate geometry from Math? Identify your strengths and weakness and plan a revision schedule where time is effectively allocated.

Progressively, with each revision, questions are bound to come out. Start seeking help the moment you find them instead of accumulating them. By stalling, you are snowballing the problems and may end up with a longer to-do list with little time to complete them.

Summary of what you have learnt

The concepts that teachers have taught may still be fresh in your mind but it is better to read through what is taught in class. Try to write it down instead of just thinking of what is taught. Writing it down better reflects how well you have remembered. This can be done between breaks that you may have throughout the day. So having a notebook on hand will come in handy.

Try out different techniques of summarising according to your studying method. Each of us absorb content different, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the type of style that suits you the best.

Test yourself

Finishing the summary of the content is not the end. There is a difference between understanding and retaining knowledge. Test yourself. Test out your knowledge with your assigned homework. Attempt it after revising and try not to refer. Take note of the questions that you got wrong and try it again the next time revise the topic.

Lastly, spread out your revision for each topic throughout a couple of weeks to make sure that you have retained your knowledge. This helps to ensure that you have sufficient time to rotate through each subject.

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