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Why students could not score A in exams.

Not getting A for Secondary Mathematics & Science? You have studied very hard but still, not getting the results you desired? Your school always set “hard” questions and you cannot seem to answer them?

Top 5 Reasons why students could not score “A” in Mathematics and Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology).

  1. Careless mistakes which include not knowing or remembering the accurate facts.
  2. Not knowing which topic is the question asking from.
  3. Unable to apply the right concepts to applications based questions.
  4. Inept at relating different topics together when dealing with tough questions.
  5. Jumping into the question without appreciating the logic behind.

Are you one of the students who are guilty of the above?

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How Masterclass can help you:

 Find out your individual mistakes and work on weak areas and topics.

 Invoke higher order of thinking by using Critical Thinking, Critical Learning.

 Gain the unfair advantage over your peers with experience tips from our expert teachers.

 Work hard, but also work smart using our exam smart methods.

Our team has helped students improve miraculously in a ridiculously short amount of time with our methodology. It is not late to start the hard work!

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