[A-Math] Common Exam Questions with Mr Ivan

Make sure you are prepared for the exams by going through these common A-Math questions. Practice online with My Masterclass.

The topics that we have covered:

• Partial Fractions: Comparing Co-Efficients
• Partial Fractions: Quadratic Factors
• Logarithm – Word Problems (t becomes large)
• Remainder Theorem – Advanced

How to practice efficiently?

• Attempt the questions. Each video tackles a different topic in the math syllabus.

• Go through the video with Mr Ivan’s workings.

• Double check your answers.

• Any doubts about the question? Clear your doubts under the comment section below the video so that other viewers may also see them.

Partial Fractions Comparing Co Efficients

1. Forming Partial Fractions using Repeated Factors and Quadratic Factors
2. Comparing Numerator of Partial Fractions
3. Finding the unknowns using Comparing of Co-Efficient
4. Presenting Answer

Partial Fractions – Quad Factors

1. Understand when to use Long Division
2. Forming Partial Fractions after Long Division
3. Considering the Polynomial Fractions
4. Solving Partial Fractions with Quadratic Factors
5. Presenting Answer

Logarithm – Word Problem (t becomes large)

1. Finding the Initial Value
2. Inequality in Log Word Problem
3. Graphs of Exponential Power
4. Forming subject in Logarithm Form
5. As t becomes large

Remainder Theorem – Advanced

1. Concepts of Polynomial
2. Remainder when divided by Linear Functions
3. Remainder when divided by Quadratic Functions
4. Using Simultaneous Equation to find Remainder

Integration – Making Integral the Subject

1. Recall Quotient Rule in Differentiation
2. Understand why the need for differentiation in integration questions
3. Manipulating to make the integral the subject
4. Presenting arbitrary constant

Sets and Notation

1. Understanding Universal Set and Real Numbers System
2. Drawing of Venn Diagram
3. Counting Number of Elements
4. Drawing A U B
5. Shading Required Regions

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