Bad Study Habits To Get Rid Of

As students, we are so accustomed to our way of studying that we do not realise that we have taken on some bad study habits. Here are some study habits which may be hindering your study that you didn’t know about.

Tapping away on phones

Phones are the biggest enemies of students. Social media, texting, entertainment, games, etc can be found in phones. Some parents have taken the initiative to ban the use of phones during study time. Students also have to make an effort to be in a conducive environment.

What should have been done: Airplane mode is just a click away, if you are worried about people not being able to contact you, most of the phones have “night mode” where the notifications will not get through, hence nothing to divert your focus. 

Study/revise without music

According to a study, students who studied without any music had done 60% better than students who listened to music with lyrics. Although listening to music is a great way to get into the mood of studying, it may not be the most efficient way to excel in exams.

What should have been done: Leave the earphones and blaring speakers aside, time for some personal peace. It may initially be hard to get into the study “zone”, but its all about the habit of doing it.

Studying with friends

An intended study session with friends can turn into an unintended chat session. At the end of the day, instead of accomplishing work, you only remember what you talked about with your friends. This is a very common mistake made by students.

What should have been done: Be the pacemaker of the group. If the conversation got diverted from studying, get your friends back on track. Complete your task on hand first, talk later.

Procrastination shouldn’t be your middle name

Procrastination gets you nowhere but into a world of dizzy panic. Leaving everything for the last minute with the mindset of “there is still time” usually equates to “time is not enough” when the exam is here.

What should have been done: Planning in advance helps to balance out the study load. Create your own schedule and stick to it closely but don’t try to add in unrealistic task like finish revising the entire emath textbook at one go.

Having insufficient sleep

If you often find yourself dozing off in class while the teachers are teaching. Then this should be a major warning. Class times are never meant for students to take a break and lie their head on the table. It’s a habit which is long ingrained in many of us night owls, and we can’t sleep unless it’s at a specific time.

What should have been done:  Settle on a night routine, finish revision early, tidy up early, give yourself some internet time then sleep.

Make your own notes 

Textbooks have hundred over pages of text and not all of them are relevant. Having the best-summarised notes can ensure that the information wanted is easily accessible.

What should have been done: Prepare some highlighters, coloured pens and a notebook to make your own customised notes.

Final word

Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Try and explore your available options to ensure that you know your own optimal study environment.

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