Secondary E-Math Tuition, Seconday A-Math TuitionIP Math Tuition

Our Lower and Upper Secondary Math Tuition offers maths tuition for a variety of levels, from lower secondary to junior college level in Singapore. The types of maths tuition provided cater to most students, i.e. IP Math Tuition and Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore. Worksheets of different difficulty will be given to your child according to their pace. Math Masterclass equips students with basic to advanced mathematical solving skills. Our math tuition teaches students concepts from the first principle which allows them to understand the how and why instead of memorizing formulas. Students will be exposed to applications in a real-world context, a trend of questions that is now prevailing in exams. “Critical Thinking, Critical Learning” will be incorporated into the curriculum so that students can apply to problem-solving.

  • Understanding the Numbers System
  • Algebraic Manipulation and Factorization skills
  • Learning of Trigonometry and Geometry and its uses
  • Application to Real – World and practical problems

Syllabus & Methodology of Math Tuition: 

We are very confident of My Masterclass Methodology. My Masterclass Secondary Math materials include our own powerpoint, notes and worksheets with different difficulty. These materials are available to all our students. The Secondary Physics Tuition Masterclass would follow closely to the MOE Syllabus in Singapore. Worksheets & questions are of different levels, providing further challenge and exposure to students having Normal, Express or IP Math Tuition in Singapore.

Math Tuition Masterclass by:

Mr Ivan, Director, NUS B.Sc. Applied Mathematics

Mr Ivan is the author of his personal series, 'Critical Thinking, Critical Learning' where students apply his methodology of Critical Thinking in solving Mathematics questions. His passion in Mathematics has rubbed off students attending his class, and they have grown to fall in love with the subject. Over the last 10 years, Mr Ivan has taught over 200 students across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.

What Our Students Say:

'Mr Ivan's Mathematics classes are clear and he teaches Math passionately. He is patient and probes me to think so I can understand concepts better. I know where are my mistakes for the school papers now.' Jing Xuan, Dunman High School

'Mr Ivan's encourages me to think critically and learning critically. It has helped me to solve many tough Math questions in school. Instead of memorizing the formulas that are taught in school, I can appreciate how each formula is derived, understand & apply better.Zhao Yan, Bukit Panjang Government High

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Math Tuition Singapore by Experienced Tutor with More Than 10 Years of Experience. Own Notes, Questions in Small Focus Group to Deliver 100% Improvement