Physics Masterclass

Our Physics Tuition Masterclass aims to provide a worthwhile educational experience for all students in Singapore. This is done through well-designed notes, materials and studies of experimental and practical Physics. We aim to enrich our students and enable them to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to:

(a) understanding the nature of scientific knowledge in Physics
(b) demonstrating Physics inquiry skills
(c) recognize the usefulness, and limitations of the scientific method and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life
(d) be well prepared for examinations and beyond

Lower Secondary Physics Masterclass

Our Physics Tuition Masterclass is designed for students from schools in Singapore that teach science base on modules in 1 term – i.e. physics, chemistry and biology. The class is suitable for students who require IP Science Tuition as well as express students in Singapore. Our proven methods will teach students each topic in depth through power point followed by summarized notes and questions with varying difficulty so that IP students get exposed to a wider range of questions. Find out more about our Lower Secondary Science Masterclass.

Upper Secondary Physics Masterclass

The Upper Secondary Physics Masterclass will focus on breaking down key concepts and thought processes so that students can understand topics better. We group our students according to their pace, i.e. IP Physics Tuition, Express Physics Tuition & Combine Science Physics Tuition in Singapore. Worksheets of different difficulty will be given to your child according to their pace.  Find out more about our Upper Secondary Physics Masterclass.

Our physics tuition will work on the following areas in class to promote critical thinking:

  • Unlearn & re-learn to correct concepts and clear misunderstandings
  • Promote a deeper interest in key topics through application questions to real-life examples
  • Understand and handle database questions to interpret, evaluate and solve problems using a stem of information
  • Revision of Secondary 3 topics, further challenging questions, mock exam, other school & past year paper

Syllabus & Methodology of Physics Masterclass: 

We are very confident of My Masterclass Methodology. My Masterclass Secondary Physics Tuition materials include our own powerpoint, notes and worksheets with different difficulty. These materials are available to all our students. The Secondary Physics Tuition Masterclass would follow closely to the MOE Syllabus in Singapore. Worksheets & questions are of different levels, providing further challenge and exposure to students having Normal, Express or IP Physics Tuition in Singapore

What Our Students Say:

“The teacher at My Masterclass is very clear when he explains, and make it easy for me to understand. His classes are always enjoyable and I look forward to attending them. I manage to score distinction with his help!”  Aston, Holy Innocents’ High School

Questions? Contact us at 88207415 or Download our Price List Below:

Physics Tuition Singapore by MOE Teacher with More Than 10 Years of Experience. Own Notes, Questions in Small Focus Group to Deliver 100% Improvement