[Upper Sec EMath] Common Exam Questions with Mr Ivan

Make sure you are prepared for the exams by going through these Upper Secondary common EMath questions. Practice online with My Masterclass.

The topics that we have covered:

• Area & Volume of Similar Figures
• Speed-Time Graph, Converting to Distance-Time
• Angle Properties in Circle
• Vectors (4-parts)

How to practice efficiently?

• Attempt the questions. Each video tackles a different topic in the math syllabus.

• Go through the video with Mr Ivan’s workings.

• Double check your answers.

• Any doubts about the question? Clear your doubts under the comment section below the video so that other viewers may also see them.

Area and Volume of Similar Figures

1. Concepts of Similar Figures
2. Using given Area to find Area of Similar Figures
3. Using given Fraction to find Scale of Similar Figures
4. Using Scale to find Volume of Similar Figures

Angle Properties in Circle

1. Angle in Same Segment
2. Angle at Centre
3. Tangents at External Point
4. Right Angle Triangle in Semi Circle
5. Justifying Diameter of a Circle
6. Radian Measure in Circle

Speed Time Graph (Converting to Dist-Time)

1. Finding unknown speed, v
2. Finding unknown T given deceleration
3. Use of Gradient in Speed Time Graph
4. Area Under Graph of Speed Time Graph
5. Converting Speed Time to Distance Time Graph


1. Understanding the Importance of Directions in Vectors
2. Identifying of Collinear
3. Solve for Similar figures
4. Solve for Area

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