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Get ready for the new school year by prepping your child one step ahead of their peers. Take a look at our class schedule or call us at +65 88207415 for more information!

Our Testimonials

A1 in Science & Math

My son studied Science & Math at My Masterclass Education. All the tutors helped him score A1 in his Science & Math by exposing him to a wide range of questions. They also gave valuable advice on getting into the Science, Math Talent Programme (SMTP).

Mrs Chong, Parent of HCI (IP) Student

Improved Her Confidence Level

My daughter takes Physics, Chemistry & Integrated Math with My Masterclass. She has shown improvement within 2 months of lessons at My Masterclass. She feels good and has learned something new after the lessons. This helped with her confidence level. 

Mrs Loke, Parent of Nanyang Girls High (IP) Student

Learnt More From My Masterclass Than Teachers in School

My son mentioned that he has learned more from the tutors at My Masterclass than his teachers in school. He is top in his class. Thank you for understanding him and guiding him all these time.  

Mrs Lew, Parent of Anglo Chinese School (I)

From C6 to A1 for Science

Ms Janice helped me with Chemistry and Biology. Her guidance and encouragement helped pushed me from a C6 to A1. I now understand science better and I am grateful for all the notes and teachings!

Jonas, Chung Cheng High (Main)


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Regular Weekly Classes

Our regular classes are taught by Tutors who are subject matter experts in their respective subjects. We offer tailored lesson plan and work hand in hand with you and your child to provide the best form of education. We will teach and explain concepts in class before attempting worksheets of varying difficulty for your child.

Find out more: My Masterclass Courses

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Modular Classes (By Topics)

For students in S2, S3 & S4, we have classes based on selected topics which many students are found to be weak in. Based on our tutors’ experiences, our holiday programme will specifically target these topics which students have difficulty understanding to give them an advantage for the new school year.

The modular classes (by topics) aim to maximise student's study time in the most efficient manner. Students can choose topics which they are still weak in to catch up or start bridging topics to gain a head start for the next year.


Find out more: Modular Classes

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Bridging Class (Pri 6 – Sec 1)

Cross the bridge to Secondary School with My Masterclass Bridging Classes. Gain exposure to Secondary School Science through fun experiments, hands on practical lessons and learn techniques to dissect Secondary School questions.

Find out more: Bridging Class (P6 to S1)

100% improvement in student results


My Masterclass Methodology

Our classes focus strongly on developing higher order thinking through Critical Learning, Critical Thinking. Our approach will explain how to derive Math formulas & Science concepts from bottom up. Through examples and scientific models, students will be able to understand better rather than memorising. Useful notes, worksheets & materials are provided to give students a competitive edge when they enter secondary school.