All tuition classes in My Masterclass are taught by our team of Expert Tutors who are academics in their fields. From PhD holders who have published papers, former Subject Heads in local schools to full-time tutors with years of experience, My Masterclass picks the cream of the crop to ensure first class tuition services for your child.

At My Masterclass, we ensure that your child is in great hands. All lessons will be structured according to our methodology. This is our promise of Education Service Excellence to you and your child.

Ms May: Chemistry & Biology – IP, A levels, IB

NTU B.Sc. Biological Sciences

Ms May has set her career based on her passion for science. She loves to guide and educate students and has done so for more than 12 years. She has a wealth of experience in engaging students with the different methods of teaching. Ms May believes in using simple ideas to explain challenging concepts and her methods has proven to deliver improvements in grades.

Ms Janice: Chemistry & Biology – IP, O levels

NUS B.Sc. Life Sciences, Biology

Ms Janice has a wealth of experience in tutoring Biology and Science. She can break down concepts clearly and apply to real life problems so that students can understand and develop an interest in the subject. She loves to work with students across standards, understand and help them improve their grades. Her students have shown 100% improvement in grades for the past years.

Dr Melvin Lek: Chemistry – A Levels, University

NTU Ph.D. Organic Chemistry

Dr Lek has an extensive history in tutoring students for the past 10 years at JC, Polytechnic and University level. He is also a full-time lecturer at a local Polytechnic. He has taught students from HCI, RJC, EJC, SRAJC, ACJC and they have shown drastic improvement, from failing grades to B grades for their A levels. Dr Lek is able to prompt students to think deeper with real life application questions, thus helping students to develop a deeper interest and understanding in the subjects.

Mr James: Mathematics, Physics – IP, O levels, A levels

NUS, B.A. Architecture

Mr James has 8 years of experience as a full-time tutor. He is familiar with the MOE syllabus and learning objectives of mathematics & physics for O levels, A levels and IB syllabus. He is able to implement good study habits and strategies to his students and they have greatly benefited from it. His students have shown improvement under his guidance with majority scoring distinction for the exams.

Mr Mason: Physics –IP, O Levels

NUS B.Sc. Applied Physics

Mr Mason has more than 10 years of experience in teaching, of which 5 years as an ex teacher with a top IP school. He was a subject level head where he was in charge of implementing the IP curriculum. He is known to use stimulating methods to help students memorise facts and give hands-on real life examples for students to better understand physics concepts.

Mr Ivan: Mathematics – IP, O levels

NUS B.Sc. Applied Mathematics

Mr Ivan is the author of his personal series, “Critical Thinking, Critical Learning” where students apply his methodology of Critical Thinking in solving Mathematics questions. His passion in Mathematics has rubbed off on his students, and they have grown to love Mathematics. Over the last 10 years, Mr Ivan has taught over 200 students across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.

Mr Max: Mathematics – A levels, IB

NTU B.BA. Business Administration

Mr Max is a specialist JC Math teacher who is extremely well versed and updated with A-level Math syllabus at H1, H2 & H3 level. With clear step by step explanations, he ensures that each and every student is taught to view a problem from multiple angles. With his years of teaching experience, students flourished under him and showed tremendous improvements. Majority of his students achieved A grades.