Primary 6 to Seondary 1

The leap from primary 6 to secondary 1 isn’t easy. My Masterclass breaks down school syllabus for new students to better understand new concepts through our Holiday Programme.


Chemistry: Separation Techniques

Separation Techniques is one of the most important topics in Lower Secondary Science. The skills and knowledge learnt will follow students throughout their 4 years secondary school journey. Students will learn the concepts behind separating mixtures with possible hands on experiments: Filtration, Chromatography, Crystallization, Distillation and many more.


Chemistry: Elements, Compounds & the Periodic Table

Students are exposed to the world of matter, where elements & atoms is the simplest unit of all non living things. Students should familiarize themselves with the first 20 elements of the periodic table and understand what the elements are used for in our daily lives. We will learn to classify matter into Elements & Compounds and learn about their differences & formation. We will also be exploring the differences in metallic and non-metallic elements.


Biology: Microscopy and Cells

The fundamental unit of living things is the cell. Have you ever wondered what the cell organelles looked like? Prepare your own slides and take a look under the microscope!

Students will gain hands-on experience in handling the microscope. A wide range of slides are available for students to observe under the microscope: Root hair cells, Xylem vessels, plant cells, cheek cells, small organisms like ants and bees and many more!


Physics: Mass, Weight & Density

We will understand the differences between mass and weight, where mass is the amount of matter or atoms while weight is a force exerted on the mass. We will be exploring the physical quantity Density, its unit of measurement and looking at the relationship between density, mass & volume. We will explore simple density experiments for students to understand the concepts better and work on calculation problems related to mass weight and density.


Math in Practical Situations

This course aims to expose your child to real-life applications: Simple and Compound Interest, Hire Purchase, Income Tax, Commissions and many more. By using knowledge possessed by students about the percentage function, exposure to real-life applications will enhance interest in the subject.


Working with Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers will be the first topic introduced to students at the start of their Secondary Syllabus. With this course, students will be taught the mathematical operations using negative and positive numbers, giving them a new dimension and readiness before the new school term.


Basic Algebra

The journey with Algebra starts here with simple operations and word problems using Algebra. Students will be taught the 4 basic operations of Algebra and how to construct algebraic equations to solve them. The use of algebra is predominant in problem-solving and early introduction will help students ease into the topic when school starts.


Significant Figures

Rounding off to the right significant figures is a requirement for presentation in Secondary School. Together with estimation, this module helps to improve students’ sense for numbers and the ability to calculate mentally.