Pri 6 to Sec 1

Pri 6 to Sec 1 Ready for School?

For many Primary 6 students who completed their PSLE, next year is going to be an exciting new start. Some students may be lucky enough to continue on with their friends but for others, it would be a new school with new friends. However, going towards the unknown may be unnerving. It has been a while since students left their comfort zone and into a new environment without much familiarity. To better prepare for the upcoming school year, here are some information about what to expect in Secondary School.

Much more than before

Transitioning from Pri 6 to Sec 1 may get overwhelming with many new changes occurring at the same time. Schools hours are longer with curriculum time going beyond the usual 12.30-1pm. Classes end around 2-2.30pm and supplementary classes may be required afterwards. The difference in number of subjects taught in schools increases from the basic 4 subjects to 7-8 subjects.

Complex Concepts

Model concepts are taught in primary school to solve question with unknowns, showing a visual simulation for students to find the answers. In secondary schools, algebra is used extensively to solve questions from Sec 1-4. To many students, it is a new concept that they are not familiar with. Despite the large gap in content taught, secondary school teachers are often not able to ensure that students fully comprehend before moving on. Classes are taught at a much faster pace and students are expected to do more self-revisions to catch up. However as new syllabus are taught, uncertainty starts to pile up. Additional strain is added as students try to juggle the responsibilities.

Pri 6 to Sec 1

Difference in content taught in school

Making preparations for new secondary school students is crucial for a smoother transition. Getting acquainted with what is expected often lessens the stress on students. This also encourages students to be able to start school with a better ease of mind.

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Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs)

Unlike in primary school, CCAs are compulsory and viewed upon with high importance in secondary school. Students are highly encouraged to participate in CCAs of their own interest and to be fully involved with it. With good performance and attendance, students who score well for CCAs will be able to enhance their portfolio as well as improve their overall grade for O-Levels.


My Masterclass Methodology

Gone are the days where memorizing of textbook content guarantees a good grade. Students are expected to know their work inside out. Class knowledge is tested through application questions which require students to be able to analyze the questions and apply theory learnt accordingly. It is no easy feat to solve such questions without practicing. At My Masterclass, we specialize in teaching subjects through critical thinking. We go beyond teaching Math and Science concepts at surface level. Each step of learning is broken down into “digestible” bite-size information for our students to understand it easily.

Our bridging program from primary 6 to secondary 1 helps students to reduce the gap and have ample time to build their academic foundations. The holiday programme will be held in November & December with a flexible class schedule for travel plans or activities that have already been planned. Check out the link below for more information!

P6 to S1 Holiday Programme