Procrastination The Productivity Killer

Procrastination is that one silent productivity killer that creeps up to the victims and before they know it, the exam results reflect your fate. It is also one of the main reasons why students are not able to score up to their full potential. The many distractions in our lives make everything worse, feeding the procrastination in us.

Identify Procrastination

During your schedule studying time, instead of revising you do the following:

  • Rearrange the study table so that the books stack according to their size
  • Take out all the books, get ready pen and paper then take out phone and start browsing through social media
  • Scratch that, change it to be stacked according to the frequency that it is used
  • Watch one episode of Netflix/k-drama/youtube
  • Play JUST one round of game before I start
  • Watch just one more episode.
  • Take out planner and start planning activities for post-exam
  • Read storybooks instead of textbooks
  • Open Reddit and start reading about current affairs and comments
  • Google where is the best chicken rice store in Singapore
  • Reading up about why Pluto was kicked out of the solar system
  • Okay done with the last episode, what’s next?

Are you guilty of any of them?

Image Credit: Darius Foroux
How procrastination impacts our work productivity.

Defeat Procrastination

Set a goal & STICK. TO. IT.

The initial step is to write down whatever you have planned on your to-do list. The second step is to fulfil it. Actions>Thoughts. Carry out the action and fulfill what is planned. Aim according to what you know you can complete in a reasonable set of time. Avoid trying to overload yourself with 5 topics to complete in 2 hours. We know that is not possible to complete. Try to set a target that is achievable but not too easy to hit which may consist of complete 1 question in 1 hour. Set your own pace which you feel you may be able to complete. It can be 1 topic for the day or even 3 topics according to your pace. With more time allocation, you are giving yourself more room to understand and digest the information instead of cramming everything.

Establish your own guidelines

The worse thing to do is knowing the steps to defeat procrastination but making no effort to overcome it. No one else will be there to help you. It can start by limiting the distractions that we may have- our smartphones. We have suggested this solution before – turn on airplane mode and night mode.

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