From PSLE to Secondary Math


Preparing your child for Secondary School Mathematics

As your child prepare to start a new journey in secondary school or IP school, what are the major difference between Primary mathematics and Secondary mathematics? How can he/she be better prepared for this jump? Here are 5 key components that we find useful for you to know.

  • Use of Calculators

Math Exams in Secondary allows the use of scientific calculators, even if there are Paper 1 and Paper 2 (unlike Primary level where calculator can only be used in Paper 2.) Students are taught basic functions in Primary School and there are over 100 functions in the calculator that can help students finish their math papers in a more efficient way.

  • Appreciate the Real Number System and Negative Numbers

Negative numbers is a basic concept that students need to grasp hold of when transiting to Secondary Math. The numbers behind zero, the effective of negative signs in an equation and the use of negative numbers is an essential stepping stone at this level.

  • Understand how to form Algebraic Equations and solving it

The bulk of Secondary Math problems are based on forming algebraic equations and solving for the unknowns. As students progress to next level, more variables and complex equations will be introduced. Hence, a strong foundation in algebra is important.

  • Learn the skill of Manipulating Mathematics Equations

Many students at upper secondary level struggled in manipulating fractions and algebraic equations. This will lead to unwanted careless mistakes. The ability to manipulate equations also involves the appreciation of mathematics logic.

  • Knowing the significance of Significant Figures

Presenting your working plays a big part in Secondary Math papers. Students have to know when to use 5 or 3 significance figures and the need for it. An elementary concept which many students fail to master well, failure to present workings properly can also lead to loss of marks or inaccurate results.

We run a yearly bridging program for P6 going to Sec/Year 1 students. This program have helped many students ease into the Secondary Math program seamlessly and parents have heaped praises. Do check out the dates of the program below!

Dec 2017 – P6 to Sec 1 Bridging Program Schedule