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Results & Reviews 2019 | My Masterclass


2019 Class -
End of Year Results

Based on students who have completed at least an academic year with us.


Students with Stellar Performance

Congratulations to Our Students for Achieving Distinction (A) in Mathematics & Science

Sec 1 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 2 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 3 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

IP4 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Reviews From Parents

4As for Triple Science & Integrated Math

My son joined My Masterclass for Math and Science tuition since Year 2. The teachers are subject matter experts and have helped him through the ups and downs of SMTP for the 2 years. He scored 4 As for triple science and integrated math during the final year in IP4. This has opened up his options for JC and I am thankful for the teachers.

Mrs Chong

Parent of Zhen Xi, Hwa Chong Institution (College)

Legendary Math Tutor

My son took Math classes with Mr Ivan in Sec 2 and his grades improved so much. He scored 3rd in class in his final year exam with an overall result of 84%. He enjoys the math class very much and said that Mr Ivan is legendary.

Mrs Lim

Parent of Benedict, St Patrick’s School

Help with Answering Technique for Biology

My daughter joined the Biology classes under Ms May. She enjoys the class and found the notes to be concise and clear. Ms May also helped her with answering techniques so that she is more confident when it comes to answering long Biology questions.


Parent of Estelle, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

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