Congratulation to Our Students, Gaining Exemption from End of Year Science Exams as they Constantly Performed Well

2018 Class - End of Year Results

Secondary 1 Students

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  • Grade B (%)

Secondary 2 Students

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Secondary 3 Students

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Congratulations to our students

Secondary 1 students

1. Julian, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
2. Dhillion, Catholic High
3. Lucas, Catholic High
4. Isabelle, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
5. Chloe, De Yi Secondary
6. Brion, Hwa Chong Institution
7. Issac, Hwa Chong Institution
8. Nathan, Hwa Chong Institution
9. Camyn, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian
10. Sean, Montford Secondary
11. Zhan Li, Raffles Instituition
12. Lynette, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
13. Bryan, St. Joseph’s Institution
14. Max, St. Patrick Secondary

Secondary 2 students

1. Ethan, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
2. Aden, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
3. Dylan, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
4. Frederick, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
5. Terry, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
6. Alexis, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
7. Rhian, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
8. Yu Yuan, Hwa Chong Institution
9. Rebecca, Nanyang Girls’ High
10. Megan, Naval Base Secondary
11. Shania, Naval Base Secondary

Secondary 3 students

1. Ming Yu, Bukit Panjang Government High
2. Jace, Catholic High
3. Leann, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
4. Jonas, Chung Cheng Main
5. Aston, Holy Innocents’ High
6. Yi Xuan, Hwa Chong Institution
7. Zhen Xi, Hwa Chong Institution SMTP
8. Luke, Hwa Chong Institution SMTP
9. Yi Hsuan, Nanyang Girls’ High
10. Wei Jun, New Town Secondary

What Our Parents and Students Say

Easy to Understand and Fun

Both Mr Mason and Ms Janice has helped me a lot with all my doubts in Science. Lessons are easy to understand and fun with them. Thank you for making these lessons fun and enjoyable.

Colin, St. Joseph Institute (IP)

From C6 to A1 for Science

Ms Janice helped me with Chemistry and Biology. Her guidance and encouragement helped pushed me from a C6 to A1. I now understand science better and I am grateful for all the notes and teachings!

Jonas, Chung Cheng High (Main)

Probes Me to Think Further in Math

Mr Ivan’s Mathematics classes are clear and he teaches Math passionately. He is patient and probes me to think so I can understand concepts better. I know where my mistakes are for the school papers now.

Jing Xuan, Dunman High School 

Improved Her Confidence Level

My daughter takes Physics, Chemistry & Integrated Math with My Masterclass. She has shown improvement within 2 months of lessons at My Masterclass. She feels good and has learned something new after the lessons. This helped with her confidence level.  

Mrs Loke, Parent of Nanyang Girls High (IP) Student

A1 in Science & Math

My son studied Science & Math at My Masterclass Education. All the tutors helped him score A1 in his Science & Math by exposing him to a wide range of questions. They also gave valuable advice on getting into the Science, Math Talent Programme (SMTP). 

Mrs Chong, Parent of HCI (IP) Student

C6 to A1, Highest in Class

My boy scored borderline for Science and Math. After having Science Physics lessons with My Masterclass his grades improved from C6 to A1, which has never happen before. We took up Math with My Masterclass and he managed to score the highest in class. 

Jasmine, Parent of Holy Innocent High Student Student

Learnt More From My Masterclass Than Teachers in School

My son mentioned that he has learned more from the tutors at My Masterclass than his teachers in school. He is top in his class. Thank you for understanding him and guiding him all these time.  

Mrs Lew, Parent of Anglo Chinese School (I)

Helped Me Understand Science Through Worksheets & Notes

Thank you teachers for giving me extra help I needed for science, I understood better for both subjects after attending this tuition. The worksheets, notes and lessons are appreciated and thank you for patiently attending to me when i have problems or when i cannot cope.

Megan, Naval Base Secondary

Making Biology Easy for Me to Understand

Dr Jason always help me in answering my many questions in Biology. He explains it clearly and make it easy for me to understand. Thank you for always being patient and teaching me even after class.

Gwen, New Town Secondary

Great Improvement in Biology

Thank you Dr Jason for your patience, and kindheartedness in teaching. My Biology has improved a lot thanks to you. You are like no other Teachers I have!

Estelle, CHIJ Katong Convent

Making Physics Fun

Mr Mason is always patient with me even and don’t hesitate to teach me again difficult concepts that I might have forgotten. He had made learning Physics fun! 

Nicole, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Improved My Chemistry and Physics Greatly

Thank you teachers for making every lesson fun and enjoyable and helping us understand the topics better in order to do well. Ms Janice and Mr Mason helped us improved our chemistry and physics greatly and also made lessons enjoyable.

Shania, Naval Base Secondary

Caring and Nice Teacher

I have a great time in Ms Janice’s class. She is a nice and caring teacher who always make the lessons fun. I enjoyed learning Chemistry and Physics with My Masterclass!

Nicole, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Very Useful Physics Lesson

Mr Mason’s classes are very useful, he teaches in such a way that concepts are easy to understand. I got an overall A for my exams and GPA of 3.66. Thank You My Masterclass.

Jaime, Dunman High School

Worksheets Helped Improved My Understanding of Chemistry!

Ms Janice enriches me with Chemistry knowledge and helped me understand parts of the Chemistry module. The worksheets My Masterclass provided are very useful and helped further improve my understanding of Chemistry. I am grateful for the time and effort in preparing those worksheets for us.

Batrisysia, Bedok South Secondary

Scored Full Marks for Science

My Masterclass prepares me well for exams with notes and questions. I manage to score full marks in Science! Thank you Teachers!

Elizabeth, Ang Mo Kio Secondary