2019 Class - End of Year Results

Sec 1-4 Math Students (%)

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Others

Sec 1-4 Science Students (%)

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Others

Sec/IP4 Math Students (%)

  • Grade A
  • Grade B

Sec/IP4 Science Students (%)

  • Grade A
  • Grade B

Congratulations to Our Students for Achieving Distinction (A) in Math and Science

Secondary 1 students

1. Alicia, S1, Edgefield Secondary School
2. Jayden, S1, Bartley Secondary School
3. Amandia, IP1, Nanyang Girls’ High School
4. Jin Xian, IP1, Hwa Chong Institution
5. Dylan, IP1, Dunman High School
6. Lynn, IP1, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
7. Tara, IP1, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Secondary 2 students

1. Xuan Xi, S2, Nan Chiao High School
2. Benedict, S2, St St Patrick’s School
3. Ignatius, S2, St St Patrick’s School
4. Camyn, S2, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
5. Chloe, S2, Deyi Secondary School
6. Dillion, S2, Catholic High School
7. Lucas, IP2, Catholic High School
8. Julian, S2, Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
9. Sam, S2, St Joseph Institution
10. Bryan, S2, St Joseph Institution
11. Sean, S2, Montford Secondary School
12. Alicia, IP2, Dunman High School
13. Auston, IP2, Raffles Institution
14. Brion, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution
15. Issac, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution
16. Ian En, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution
17. Nathan, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution
18. Eliana, IP2, Nanyang Girls’ High School
19. Isabel, IP2, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Secondary 3 students

1. Alexis, S3, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
2. Rhian, S3, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
3. Joshua, IP3, Victoria School
4. Ethan, S3, Anglo Chinese School (Barker)
5. Yin Zi, IP3, Raffles Girls’ School

Secondary 4 students

1. Addison, S4, Mayflower Secondary
2. Aston, S4, Holy Innocence High School
3. Jonas, S4, Chung Cheng High School (Main)
4. Leann, S4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
5. Yu Xuan, S4, Cedar Girls’ School
6. Zack, S4, Evergreen Secondary School
7. Jace, IP4, Catholic High School
8. Joshua, IP4, Catholic High School
9. Luke, IP4, Hwa Chong Institution
10. Zhen Xi, IP4, Hwa Chong Institution
11. Yi Xuan IP4, Hwa Chong Institution
12. Yi Hsuan, IP4, Nanyang Girls’ High School
13. Rachel IP4, Nanyang Girls’ High School

What Our Students Have To Say!

Best Math Teacher

Mr Ivan is the best math teacher ever. My math grades have improved so much because of his help. Thank you for helping me gain back my confidence in tackling math. I am super grateful.

Penelope, Crescent Girls’ School (Sec 1)

Highest In My Cohort

Thank you to the teachers at My Masterclass for guiding and teaching me so that I can improve in both my Math and Science. I enjoyed the lessons a lot and I feel blessed to have such good teachers who have enabled me to score the highest for math across my cohort.

Lynn, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (IP2)

Worksheets, Notes & Lessons Are Well Structured

The science teachers at My Masterclass gave me the extra help I needed. I understood the subject better after attending this tuition. The worksheets, notes and lessons are well structured. Thank you for attending to me patiently when I had questions or was unable to cope with certain topics.

Tara, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (IP2)

Reinforced Concepts Taught In School

The Math and Science teachers at My Masterclass are so friendly and kind. The classes have reinforced the concepts taught in school and have helped me to gain confidence in both my math and science.

Brion, Hwa Chong Institution (IP3)

Achieving Stellar Results

Thank you for guiding and teaching me throughout my 2 years at My Masterclass. I am very grateful to have been taught by Ms Janice to achieve stellar results. Looking forward to be in your classes for the next few years.

Issac, Hwa Chong Institution (IP3)

Thank You for Your Patience, Commitment, Dedication & Inspiration

Thank you Teacher May, James, Ivan & Janice for all your patience, commitments, dedications & inspirations. The classes have helped me gain confidence, the Biology notes are clear and detailed. I have enjoyed my time at My Masterclass.  

Bryan, St Joseph Institution (Sec 3)

C5 to A1 for Science

Thank you for helping to improve my C5 Science to a current distinction grade- A1. It has helped with my confidence in the subject. The lessons are taught in line with the school syllabus which is really useful.

Dillion, Catholic High School (Sec 3)

Not Only My Teacher But Also My Friend

Teacher Ivan is not only a teacher but also a friend who has guided and helped me through the difficult times that I had in the past 4 years. Thank you Teacher Ivan.

Juvur, Clementi Town Secondary School (Sec 4)

GPA 4.0 for Sciences

Mr James, Ms May and Mr Ivan are very good at teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths respectively. They make the lessons interesting and explain very clearly so that it is easy for me to understand. The notes are summarised for revision with sufficient questions to practice. I nearly scored a GPA of 4.0 (80%) for my math and sciences during the end of year exams. Thank you teachers and My Masterclass.

Yin Zi, Raffles Girls’ School (IP4)

A1 for A Math in O-Levels

The Amath classes at My Masterclass is very useful. My grades improved from C5 and I scored A1 in O levels. The teachers were very patient when I did not understand the math questions for trigonometry or differentiation. I am very appreciative of them!

Cheyanne, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (Sec 4)

A in Math and Chemistry for O-Levels

Thank you teachers at My Masterclass. Both my A math and Chemistry have improved a lot for the O levels, scoring A for both subjects. I understood the subjects better, and the exposure questions and time-based papers were useful to help me prepare for my O levels.

Yu Xuan, Cedar Girls’ School (Sec 4)

Work on My Strengthening My Weak Topics for H2 Math

Mr Max provides me with a wide variety of questions to attempt and also alternative methods when explaining different math questions. Off tuition time, I can rely on him to clear my doubts via Whatsapp. He knows what my weaknesses are and works with me to strengthen my weak topics..

Gayle, Hwa Chong Institution College (JC2)

Help Me Understood Concepts That My School Lecturers Failed To Do So

I joined Mr Max’s class rather early on in J1, and I can say with certainty that without his help, my H2 math grades would be abysmal at best. In school, I struggle to understand what my lecturers teach and would be lagging far behind my class if it weren’t for Mr Max. Under Mr Max’s tutelage, I have managed to keep up, and he has managed to help me understand my curriculum where my school lecturers failed to do so.

Beyond his excellent and efficient teaching, Mr Max is also very friendly and approachable. He is always ready to help out whenever I have any troubles with math, be it during our lessons or over WhatsApp. He is also very knowledgeable about the best strategies and the most important things to know to ace the exams. I am very grateful to have Mr Max as my teacher. Love you Mr Max!!

Natasha, Eunoia Junior College (JC2)

Enthusiasm in Teaching Benefited Students

Before joining the class, my results were constantly at the bottom 10th percentile of the cohort as I struggled to keep up with the school’s pace for lectures and tutorials. Upon signing up to attend his classes, my grades improved drastically as I could understand the majority of topics I struggled with in the past and was way ahead of the school’s scheduled curriculum after the first 3 months. Mr Max is able to engage with his students easily as well as review concepts and topics at a comfortable pace for his students. His enthusiasm in teaching has undoubtedly benefitted the students in his class as the environment is not gloomy with the presence of interesting conversations every now and then. Thank you for helping me bring up my grades!

Brandon Teo, St Andrew’s Junior College (JC2)

Prepares Me Well for Exams to Achieve A1

The science teachers at My Masterclass have offered tremendous help in my studies. The notes are clear and the questions are challenging which prepares me well for exams. They have enabled me to achieve A1 for science. I am deeply grateful to the teachers at My Masterclass.

Lucas, Catholic High School (IP 3)

What Our Parents Have To Say!

Good Class Setting & Learning Motivation

My daughter takes Math class with Teacher Ivan. She feels that the class setting and the overall learning motivations are good. Mr Ivan is very clear with his explanation and can identify the student’s weakness and helps her to improve. She scored A during the end of year exams and has continued on to take science with My Masterclass.

Clarin, Parent of Alicia, Edgefield Secondary School

Edusave Awards

My boy attended My Masterclass’ Math and Science classes. He managed to score over 80% for both subjects, came in 2nd in class and was awarded the Edusave Award after studying at the centre. Thank you to the teachers at My Masterclass who have guided him!

Mrs Ong, Parent of Jayden, Bartley Secondary School

Gain Her Confidence Back in Math & Science

Before coming to My Masterclass, my daughter had borderline scores for her Math and Science. The tutors are clear and the programme has helped to unlock her potential. She is scoring high A1s for Science and is at the top of her cohort for Math. The classes have helped her gain her confidence back and we are thankful for that.

Mrs Lai, Parent of Lynn, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School

Trust My Masterclass More Than Other Centers

The teachers at My Masterclass have guided my child in both Math and Science and we are blessed to have them as coaches. We are thankful for the programme which was able to match Hwa Chong’s sequence of topics to the student’s learning pace. I trust My Masterclass more than other tuition providers.

Mei, Parent of Nathan, Hwa Chong Institution

From GPA 2.0 to GPA 3.6

My son joined My Masterclass Science Tuition at the start of Year 2. He was scoring a GPA of 2.0 for the exams last year. The tutors were able to explain the concepts to him clearly. Although the question sets were difficult, it has provided a comprehensive exposure which had helped to build his confidence for the exams. He managed to score GPA of 3.6 in the final year exams. The classes have also helped him developed an interest for Science.

Iris, Parent of Auston, Raffles Institution 

Understood His Needs in Math & Science

My son did the holiday programme with My Masterclass and he felt that the teachers understood his needs. As a result, he chose to attend the regular lessons at My Masterclass over his previous tuition center.

Mrs Tan, Parent of Nigel, St Gabriel’s Secondary School

Help with Answering Technique for Biology

My daughter joined the Biology classes under Ms May. She enjoys the class and found the notes to be concise and clear. Ms May also helped her with answering techniques so that she is more confident when it comes to answering long Biology questions.

Jerlyn, Parent of Estelle, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Legendary Math Tutor

My son took Math classes with Mr Ivan in Sec 2 and his grades improved so much. He scored 3rd in class in his final year exam with an overall result of 84%. He enjoys the math class very much and said that Mr Ivan is legendary.

Mrs Lim, Parent of Benedict, St Patrick’s School

4As for Triple Science & Integrated Math

My son joined My Masterclass for Math and Science Tuition since Year 2. The teachers are subject matter experts and have helped him through the ups and downs of SMTP for the 2 years. He scored 4 As for triple science and integrated math during the final year in IP4. This has opened up his options for JC and I am thankful for the teachers.

Mrs Chong, Parent of Zhen Xi, Hwa Chong Institution (College)

Gain Confidence & Knows What My Daughter Needs

We have been with My Masterclass for more than 4 years, taking Chemistry and Math Tuition. Teacher Ivan, Janice, Max & Sharon have been patient with my daughter, and have helped her gain confidence in Math and Science. They are able to motivate and push her and have also been supportive of her Tennis games. We are appreciative of them and will always recommend students to the centre.

Jana, Parent of Annette, Hwa Chong Junior College