2020 Class - End of Year Results

Sec 1 Students (%)

  • A & B Grades
  • Others

Sec 2 Students (%)

  • A & B Grades
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Sec 3 Students (%)

  • A & B Grades
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IP4 Students (%)

  • A & B Grades

Congratulations to Our Students for Achieving Distinction (A) in Mathematics & Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Secondary 1 students

1. Zann Liew, IP1, Nanyang Girls High, Science
2. Joshua, IP1, Catholic High School, Math
3. Sarah Oh, IP1, Raffles Girls School, Science
4. Kaven, IP1, Hwa Chong Institution, Math
5. Guang Yi, IP1, Hwa Chong Institution, Math & Science
6. Jennessa, IP1, St Nicholas Girls School, Math & Science
7. Renee, IP1, St Nicholas Girls School, Science
8. Garreth Wong, S1, St Andrew Secondary School, Math & Science
9. Tan Hui Yan, S1, Chung Cheng High School, Math & Science
10. Sasmita, S1, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School, Science
11. Angelina, S1, Nan Hua High School, Math & Science

Secondary 2 students

1. Amandia, IP2, Nanyang Girls High, Science
2. Cheryl Tan, IP2, Nanyang Girls High, Science
3. Cohen, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution, Math & Science
4. Jin Xian, IP2, Hwa Chong Institution, Math & Science
5. Dylan, IP2, Dun Man High School, Math
6. Le Vin IP2, St Joseph Institution, Science
7. Lynn, IP2, St Nicholas Girls School, Math & Science
8. Tara, IP2, St Nicholas Girls School, Math & Science
9. Andrea, S2, St Nicholas Girls School, Science
10. Calen Lim, S2, St Gabriel Secondary School, Math
11. Jayden, S2, Bartley Secondary School, Math & Science
12. Jerica, S2, Anderson Secondary School, Math & Science
13. Zhe Hang, S2, Seng Kang Secondary School, Science
14. Alicia, S2, Edgefield Secondary School, Math & Science

Secondary 3 students

1. Isabel, IP3, St Nicholas Girls School, Chemistry
2. Eliana, IP3, Nanyang Girls High, Math & Chemistry
3. Hazel, IP3, Nanyang Girls High, Chemistry
4. IanEn, IP3, Hwa Chong Institution, Chemistry, Physics & Biology
5. Issac, IP3, Hwa Chong Institution, Chemistry & Physics
6. Auston, IP3, Raffles Institution, AMath & Chemistry
7. Brion, IP3, Hwa Chong Institution, Integrated Math, Physics & Chemistry
8. Benedict, S3, St Patrick’s School, AMath & EMath
9. Max, S3, St Patrick’s School, EMath
10. Ignatius, S3, St Patrick’s School, EMath
11. Dillon Leong, S3, Catholic High School, AMath
12. Dillion, S3, Catholic High School, AMath & Physics
13. Lee En Yang Ted, S3, Montford Secondary School, AMath
14. Sam, S3, St Joseph Institution, Chemistry, Biology, Physics & AMath
15.Yang Ang, S3, Northland Secondary School, Chem
16. Chloe, S3, Deyi Secondary School, EMath
17. Nigel, S3, St Gabriel Secondary School, Science Chemistry

Secondary 4 students

1. Yin Zi, IP4, Raffles Girls School, AMath, Biology, Chemistry & Physics
2. Joshua, IP4, Victoria School, AMath
3. Waseem, S4, Anglo Chinese School (Barker), AMath, Chemistry
4. Alexis, S4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School, EMath & AMath, Chemistry
5. Rui Yang, S4, Chung Cheng High School, AMath & Chemistry
6. Rhian, S4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School, AMath
7. Tristan, S4, Compassvale Secondary School, AMath & EMath
8. Zexel, S4, Pierce Secondary School, Biology
9. Ethan, S4, Anglo Chinese School (Barker), AMath

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What Our Parents and Our Students Have To Say!

Going the extra mile for me

Thank you Ms Janice for helping me achieve the goal of getting an A1 (82.5%) for my Science. For the past few months, there were many instances where you took the extra mile to help me with the topics I was unsure of. Other than an improvement in terms of marks, I also realized that my ability to grasp scientific concepts has improved significantly. Thank you, Ms Janice.

LeVin, St. Joseph’s Institution (IP2)

Concurrent with school syllabus

The Science classes at My Masterclass Tuition are very useful as the tutors will spend more time to explain concepts and give enough guided examples before letting us do independent work. It is also mostly concurrent with the school syllabus which is a great complimentary session from my school work.

Janelle, Raffles Girls’ School (IP2)

Tremendous Improvement in Math & Science

My daughter joined My Masterclass Tuition at the start of Year 2. We are very thankful and appreciative for the science tutors and Mr Ivan’s patience and effort to teach her. She has shown great improvement for both her Math and Science Mid-Year Examinations. She managed to achieve A for her Math and B for Science under the guidance of the tutors.

Mrs Tan, Parent of Calia, Raffles Girls’ School (IP2)

Achieving Good Grades with Minimum Effort

My son managed to do pretty well for both Biology and Chemistry with minimum effort under My Masterclass Tuition’s care. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms May for her coaching and help in improving his answering techniques. The classes here has definitely made IanEn’s learning easier and he has enjoyed them. As parents, we are happy and pleased with My Masterclass Tuition. Thank you!

Irene, Parent of IanEn, Hwa Chong Institution (IP4)

Forming strong foundation

I would like to say a very BIG thank you to the tutors who have been coaching my son for the last 4 years at My Masterclass Tuition. They have been a tremendous help in giving him the strong foundation much needed and enabling him to move from the O level stream to IP.

Mrs Tham, Parent of Lucas, Catholic High School (IP4)

Gain Confidence in Tackling Questions

Math Tuition at My Masterclass Tuition has been working for my daughter. Mr Ivan has helped her gained tremendous confidence in tackling Math questions. She was asked to stay back in school by her Math form teacher for additional class and she mentioned she was the first to leave the class completing the work. Hence, I feel her confidence level is back.  

Denise, Parent of Cheng En, Nanyang Girls’ High School (IP2)

Given tools needed for the future

We are very happy and grateful that Mr Ivan is helping Derryl extensively even though Derryl is basically a new student at My Masterclass Tuition. Derryl is very inspired by Mr Ivan as he has given him the tools he needs for his future. 

Chiang W., Parent of Derryl, Outram Secondary School (Sec 4)

Additional Guidance Time

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Ivan for putting in the extra time and giving my son additional guidance with his Math work. We really appreciate your care, concern and effort spent tutoring Iggy on his Math and AMath. 

Sylvia, Parent of Ignatius, St. Patrick’s School (Sec 4)

Doing the miracles

I would like to thank all the teachers from My Masterclass Tuition who has assisted Matthew for his ‘N’ level. It has done miracles for him!

Martin, Parent of Matthew, St. Patrick’s School (Sec 4)

Instilling love and confidence

We are very grateful to Ms May for instilling in Clara love and confidence for Biology and always encouraging her. 

Sharon, Parent of Clara, St Nicholas Girls’ School (S3)

Learnt to cope independently

Thank you for coaching Tara for the past years, she has benefited and improved tremendously, to an extent whereby she is able to cope independently now. We are really grateful for the efforts and lessons flexibility!

Emily, Parent of Tara, St Nicholas Girls’ School (IP3)

Useful modular help

Mr James is a very good teacher and at My Masterclass Tuition, Zoe has received useful physics modular help which enables her to independently cope and revise for her end of year exams. 

Shumin, Parent of Zoe, St Nicholas Girls’ School (IP1)

High quality teaching

We would like to thank the teachers at My Masterclass Tuition for the high quality teaching! Lemuel managed to pass the school RA chemistry screening test which the whole level only 36 passed the test, and managed to get an interview!

Ms Su, Parent of Lemuel, Raffles’ Institution (IP2)

Exemption for EOY

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Ivan because with his guidance, Kaven has gotten an exemption for his EOY math test for 2 years consecutively.

Mdm Liew, Parent of Kaven, Hwa Chong Institution (IP2)