My Masterclass Secondary 1 Holiday Programme – Cross The Bridge to Secondary

Secondary 1 in 2018 (we are arranging classes for Nov, Dec, 2018. Call us to arrange for slots)

Secondary 1 Holiday Programme with My Masterclass

My Masterclass Secondary 1 Holiday Programme buffers the jump from Primary school to Secondary school. We guide your child on the expectations and requirements of Secondary School Mathematics & Science. The Secondary 1 holiday bridging class will give your child a head start in Secondary school.

The move from Primary level to Secondary level is a big leap. There is a difference in type and length of questions, structure of papers and understanding of concepts. It can be a huge challenge to your child. Processing complex Science concepts or applying complex Math formulas can be challenging yet exciting to your child.


Secondary 1 Holiday Programme – Mathematics

Secondary 1 Math Holiday Programme

Secondary 1 Math Holiday Programme

My Masterclass Secondary 1 Holiday Programme for Math will focus on describing the differences between Primary School & Secondary School techniques, explaining how are formulas derived and practice questions on new concepts. We will expose your child to various topics in Secondary 1. Topics include the real number system, basics of arithmetic, along with more advanced and challenging mathematical concepts.

Secondary 1 Holiday Programme – Science

My Masterclass Secondary 1 Holiday Programme for Science will cultivate students interest in Science and develop the inquisitive Scientific mind. Instead of teaching as a general Science approach, we will cover each of the Science components – Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Covering each Science will prepare your child to the 3 Sciences when they move on to upper Secondary.

We will train students to ask why and encourage them to probe further into Science concepts. Through Science experiments, we will expand their scientific knowledge and attitude. Instead of just memorising concepts and terms, we aim to impart Science practical assessment (SPA) skills and attitudes. SPA is a crucial component of the O level and A level syllabus. These skills include inquiring, research and report writing skills. The skills developed will be a requirement for students in the IP, Junior College and Polytechnic path. The various topics are experimental techniques, mass, weight, density, cells and organelles with actual specimens and use of the microscope.

My Masterclass Education’s Approach

We have a strong focus on developing higher order thinking through Critical Learning, Critical Thinking. Our approach will explain how to derive Math formulas & Science concepts from bottom up. Through examples and scientific models, this will help students understand better rather than memorising. Useful notes, worksheets & materials are provided to give students a competitive edge when they enter secondary school.

Questions? Contact us at 88207415, we can arrange for your time slot. We also provide bridging class from Secondary and Junior College Holiday Programme to the next level  and Secondary School to Junior College. Download our November December Holiday Programme Schedule Below: