My Masterclass Secondary Holiday Programme – November, December 2017

November, December Holiday Programme (we are arranging classes for Nov, Dec, 2018. Call us to arrange for slots)

Results are out and your child did not do as well as he hoped and worked for? Enrol your child in My Masterclass Secondary Holiday Programme. The November December Holiday Programme will give your child a head start to the next level in Secondary school.

Secondary Holiday Programme

Throughout our years of experience working with students, we found these common problems:

  1. Some exam questions are out of the syllabus, or not taught fully in school, to differentiate “A” students from the others
  2. Students usually memorize concepts and formulas
  3. As such, after the exams, they will forget these concepts & formulas during the holidays.
  4. Lack of  awareness or experience that these topics are important foundation to upper secondary topics
  5. No interest in Math as it requires a lot of practice and no interest in Science as it requires a lot of memorizing
  6. Unable to handle cross topics questions which are common and popular in schools as they move to the upper levels

Secondary Holiday Programme – Mathematics & Science

Secondary 1 Math Holiday Programme

With that in mind, our popular secondary holiday programme is designed to help students build the foundation of the topics as well as get a head start for the next year. The Secondary Holiday programme will help students to:

  1. Develop an interest in Math and Science through practical examples, visual learning aids, videos, models and experiments
  2. Catch up and reinforce concepts that will be tested again at the next level
  3. Teach students to unlearn and relearn Science concepts which are more complex and challenging at upper levels
  4. Develop the scientific enquiry mind and Science Practical Assesment (SPA) skills for upper secondary and beyond
  5. Gain introductory overview to upper-level topics
  6. Useful materials, notes & in-depth questions that will be useful for their entire Secondary school journey

My Masterclass Education’s Approach

We have a strong focus on developing higher order thinking through Critical Learning, Critical Thinking. Our approach will explain how to derive Math formulas & Science concepts from bottom up. Through examples and scientific models, this will help students understand better rather than memorising. Useful notes, worksheets & materials are provided to give students a competitive edge when they enter secondary school.

Questions? Contact us at 88207415, we can arrange for your time slot. We also provide bridging class from Primary School to Secondary School. Download our November December Holiday Programme Schedule Below: