Tuition for Secondary and IP students

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    At My Masterclass, we not only aim to prepare students for exams and score well but also to influence them to learn and love the subjects.

    We believe that the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically.

    All curriculum in My Masterclass program comes with the 'Critical Thinking, Critical Learning' concept, where one is encouraged to question the origins of each topic and its applications.

    With this skill, students can understand the subject matter from the bottom – up, rather than the conventional method of memorising and applying a top-down approach.

    Science Masterclass will focus on two aspects:

    (A) Teaching Science Concepts, by breaking down thought process and

    (B) Application of Concepts to Questions, by structuring answers logically.

    The Upper Secondary Science Masterclass will focus critical thinking skills to break down of key concepts, explanation of processes so students can understand better. We will continue to work on the following areas in class to promote critical thinking.

    • Correcting and clearing of misunderstanding of concepts
    • Questioning, understanding and relating to concepts to questions
    • Understanding and handling information of questions (applicable to practical and long-answered questions)
    • Structuring complete answers

    Students who have attended Physics Masterclass with us have benefited and excelled in their exams.