Want to Ace Math?

The first rule to ace math? Throw out your old notes and embrace the rising demand for critical thinking and creative, independent learning in this new age of knowledge-based economy. Right at the heart of My Masterclass Education, our proven methodology believes in developing both critical thinking and learning skills which are quintessential in their mastery of Mathematics. Math is no longer limited to simple sums characterised by lists of formulas. Now our local education has higher expectations for students to take on complicated concepts and applying it to an array of real-life application problems. For many students, studying math has always been a giant mess of headache which can’t seem to be deciphered no matter what. Here are some suggestions as to why your method of studying may be wrong and how to work around it.

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1. Let bygones be bygones

Learning math by heart has never been more obsolete than in the 21st century. Traditional methods of drilling and rote memorisation should be long gone by now. More often than not, the reason why students nowadays under-perform in math is due to their poor grasp of fundamental concepts. As we move on to critical thinking and creative learning, it is crucial to understand the complicated math concepts and the process of problem-solving to ace math. So if you are still memorising the steps taken to solve a question rather than understanding them, we suggest you move on and hop along. It is time to start learning math the right way, starting by getting your basic concepts right with our experienced tutors.


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2. Curiosity never kills the cat

“Curiosity kills the cat”, despite the common saying, we believe otherwise. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Learning comes with questions that you do not have answers to. Always! Always get answers to questions you are unsure of. Go the extra mile to clarify concepts for formulas or problem-solving steps can help you reach the nirvana of ‘mathematics land’. The time as of now is the most valuable. If you choose to say nothing, it will be your loss of a learning opportunity. For many students, they may think “I’ll ask later” but later doesn’t come. Questions? Ask now!

Additionally, in your journey of mastering math, teachers will always be your most valuable resource. With years of experience before them, they are your ultimate guide to completing your journey. So having a resourceful teacher as your guide is of utmost importance.

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3. Countdown

If you had last minute memorisation parties with your friends or pulling an all-nighter to complete your revisions, backtrack and think, how did you get to that point? A possible way of being in that situation again is to have a schedule and the magical ingredient – self-discipline. Having a well-planned schedule isn’t enough, being able to keep to it is an essential study habit to have.

Also, keeping exam dates in sight will help to keep you on your toes and work efficiently. You can take it a step further and download a countdown app in your phone. It can help you keep track of the days left to your next exam. With the number of days decreasing, it will help to deviate you from getting distracted from your main focus.

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