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Summarising Written Notes [Methods]

In our previous post, we shared about the potential trapholes that we may fall into while typing out our notes on the computer. In this post, we bring together 2 methods of summarising handwritten notes

Web Form (Mind Mapping)

A mind map is a form of summarisation of content which helps to visually present the flow of concept under each topic. By taking out the main ideas of each concepts and writing it down, it promotes the understanding of how concepts are interlinked.

Pros: Visual overview of the concepts which only shows the main points of the topic.
Cons: Hard to fit everything into one piece of paper, running out of space as a common occurrence.

Bullet Journal

Bullet journalling is on the rise right now and it is a very useful method in showing notes with visually appealing text and images. The page is your limit! You get to be as creative as you like in consolidating the content and the flexibility of including graphs and diagrams into the space.

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing and preplanning has to be done before writing out the notes. This forces you to think about how you want your content to be written and to do that, you will have to full comprehend your topics first.
Cons: Creation process usually takes a long time but that can be a pro as well as you would need to start earlier.

Other factors to consider

While typing out notes is faster than doing it by hand, how effective will it be when it comes to committing this knowledge to memory?

Be fancy with your fonts!

Research showed that the use of eccentric fonts may be better than the usual Arial font. With the use of eccentric-looking fonts or ones that we are not accustomed to, we tend to concentrate harder.

Are colours better for you?

Instead of just black & white, mix it up a little with grey & navy to make your notes more vibrant-looking. But of course, try not to go overboard with the colour selection. We don’t want the notes ending up like a unicorn vomited all over it. Stick to 3-4 colours to keep

Colours also help with categorising similar content. Categorising according to main content & sub-content or it could be just one colour for the particular topic.

Which is better?

There is no actual correct answer to this. When it comes to complex diagrams and figures, being able to copy and paste is definitely helps to get the job done faster, but are you the kind of student who requires much more hands-on drawing to remember? And also to remember, especially in math where the lines and graphs are ever-changing. It’s hard to know the process of graphs from just the picture alone. So there are pros and cons for each method, how to choose? Give the methods a try and see which one suits you best. So start early and do your trial and errors!

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