Tips for Writing Notes

Students have their own methods of revising for exams but not all students have picked up the habit of writing their own notes. By actively writing and creating your own sets of notes, it helps to refresh your memory of what was taught. Notes also help to consolidate important content. As compared to rereading a […]

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3 Crucial Revision Steps

4 years of secondary school life with hectic schedules including school classes, CCAs, supplementary and so on. It is important for students to be able to retain what they have learnt as everything is a buildup to the major exam and for most students, that would be the O-levels. We put together 3 crucial revision […]

Pri 6 to Sec 1

Pri 6 to Sec 1 Ready for School?

For many Primary 6 students who completed their PSLE, next year is going to be an exciting new start. Some students may be lucky enough to continue on with their friends but for others, it would be a new school with new friends. However, going towards the unknown may be unnerving. It has been a […]

Bad Study Habits To Get Rid Of

As students, we are so accustomed to our way of studying that we do not realise that we have taken on some bad study habits. Here are some study habits which may be hindering your study that you didn’t know about. Tapping away on phones Phones are the biggest enemies of students. Social media, texting, […]

Want to Ace Math?

The first rule to ace math? Throw out your old notes and embrace the rising demand for critical thinking and creative, independent learning in this new age of knowledge-based economy. Right at the heart of My Masterclass Education, our proven methodology believes in developing both critical thinking and learning skills which are quintessential in their mastery of Mathematics. Math is no longer limited […]

Secondary Schools Near Upper Thomson, Open House Dates

Choosing the Right Secondary School As the 2017 PSLE comes to an end, parents are now looking for the most suitable Secondary School for their child to start their Secondary School life. Choosing the right Secondary School can make a difference to your child’s development, growth and exposure in their teenage years. Visiting Secondary School Open […]