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Typing Study Notes – Traps to Avoid

Gone are the days when the only way to create study notes is through pen and paper style. Now we have computers and tablets to help us with what we think of as shortening the time needed to typing study notes. But does typing study notes really ensure productivity? We breakdown 3 major trapholes that we often find ourselves tumbling into.


Verbatim is defined as “exactly the same words as were used originally”. Simply put, to write everything down word for word. The main purpose of taking the time for typing study notes is to be able to recreate them with your own twist. This helps to show that you understand what was taught and with these notes, it re-enforces the knowledge into your brain and when the time for exams come, it helps to refresh your memory.

Additionally, in Singapore’s secondary school education context, the concepts are built upon each other in Sec 1 & Sec 2. In Sec 3 & Sec 4, lessons delve deeper into the concepts found in lower secondary. Hence it is crucial to master the foundation for a stable learning process before advancing further.

What to do: Typing study notes word by word usually happens when the brain switches off and starts drifting. Make sure to fully focus when doing your notes. Take a break when you are starting to feel tired. Take a breather, drink and nibble on some snacks before going back to the notes.

The Literal Ctrl C & Ctrl V Function

This is a mistake that we “accidentally” make when we are basing the study notes off word documents or powerpoint slides. Teachers may choose to share these documents digitally for students as it may contain more information and may deem it to be more helpful. But when the copy and paste button is just 2 buttons away, we may find ourselves over using the shortcut so that we can complete our notes faster.

What to do: Read through the document or slides before starting on the notes. While going through it initially, mark out the important points to include in the notes and understand them. Note down the main point, expand on the point and explain it in your own words.

Typing Notes and YouTube and Twitter and …

Yes, computers are the epitome of efficiency in the 21st century but we all know the flip side of that. Distraction is just one tab away. Going on YouTube for music or browsing through social media platforms are one click away. We are all guilty of getting distracted from what we are supposed to do and that can come at a very costly price in terms of time and productivity.

What to do: There are various apps available online to limit access to selected websites. But at this point, the best way to go will be to exercise and practice self-control. Set study goals to complete each day, once you are done you are free to do whatever you want.

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