My Masterclass

We aim to help our students develop an interest and understanding of the subjects via our proven methodology of applying Critical Thinking, Critical Learning.

With years of experience in the education industry,  particularly in Secondary, JC & IP Math and Science. Our teachers are well equipped with various schools’ expectations and syllabus, providing the most suited curriculum and aid for your child.


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Our Methodology

My Masterclass focuses largely on developing students’ interest and understanding in Secondary, Junior College, IP Math & Science. We apply our proven methodology of Critical Thinking, Critical Learning in our teaching processes.

Foundation & Origin

We build and correct our students’ foundation, explaining the origin of concepts to develop greater interest.

Understanding Concepts

We focus on understanding concepts & subject matter using the bottom-up approach instead of purely memorising.


We analyse and dissect cross-discipline questions, exposing students to better concept application


Students will learn how to answer questions in parts, structuring complete answers using answering techniques

Critical Learning

We relate Math & Science concepts to real life examples, developing students’ curiosity in their learning

Critical Thinking

We encourage students to question the origins of each topic, breaking down the thought process for them to understand concepts better

Innovative Learning

From e-learning through online classrooms, to videos, resources and experiments, our students are privileged to enjoy our wide range of resources.

Gradual Difficulty

Learning never stops. With exposure to a wide range of varied questions with increasing difficulty, students can advance their skills to greater heights