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Learn more about the varied types of classes My Masterclass offers and pick the one that best suits your child’s situation. From regular weekly classes to revision classes, our classes are programmed to fit each students’ needs throughout the year.


Regular Weekly Classes

Our regular classes are taught by tutors who are subject matter experts in their respective subjects. We offer tailored curriculum lesson plan to best match to school’s sequence of topics and work hand in hand with you and your child to provide the best form of education. Complementary consultation sessions are provided for students to clarify their school work.

Suitable for: Students who are trying to find classes that match their school syllabus, wish to get additional aid, wants higher level practices.

General Catch-Up Classes

Feel like you are unable to catch up in school? Attend our general catch-up classes to bridge your understanding before returning back to school from your holidays.
We conduct catch up classes for students who wish to attend our regular classes. By doing so, we reinforce classroom dynamics, allowing students to learn at the same pace, promoting interaction and communication amongst students.

Suitable for: Students who are trying to catch up with school syllabus, wish to get additional aid, bridge understanding (bridging classes)

Concurrent Modular Math & Science Classes for Lower Sec

Within each Lower Secondary Science class time slot, In My Masterclass, there are we run 3 concurrent classes running concurrently for each Science component. Our centre We will collect each students’ science syllabus ahead of their term to plan our classes according to their classes. With 3 concurrent classes, your child will receive the maximum benefit out of their science lessons with us. Our subject matter expert tutors will teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology in each of the 3 terms with topical revision classes in term 4.
With this arrangement, students can remain relevant to their school’s chapters, allowing them to further enhance their science knowledge.

Suitable for: Students who wish to get additional aid, find a matching class based on their school’s science syllabus class, develop greater science skills

Tailored Classes with Subject Banding According to Students' Pace

Specifically for students in different streams, we aim to cater our students into a level that will suit them best. Upon our interaction with the students, our teachers will come together to discuss a better teaching strategy or class allocation, so that your child will benefit the best out of their time here.

With changes to PSLE grading system, known as full subject-based branding, where subjects are banded according to AL1,2,3 etc, and O level grading of G1-G3; having optimized classes will definitely enhance their learning process.

Suitable for: Students who are looking for subject banding specificity

Primary 6 to Secondary 1 and IP 1 - Head Start Math and Science Classes

Gain exposure to Secondary School, IP Science through fun experiments, hands on practical sessions. Topics are taught more in depth as compared to Primary School and learn techniques to dissect Secondary School questions. For Secondary School, IP Math, students can learn concepts and theories that are relevant and applicable to real-life, increasing their interest in their studies.
Not only can your child gain an edge as compared to other students, but your child can also learn to cope better in a new environment and curriculum given the broad gap difference. This can promote greater confidence and interest in studies, motivating students and allowing them to better adapt to a higher-level education.

Suitable for: Students who wish just graduated from Primary school, wish to stay ahead of school, gain exposure to secondary syllabus

Topical Revision & Catch Up Classes

Classes will still be ongoing during June and November-December holidays. Spend the time wisely by dedicating part of the holidays to strengthening your academic knowledge and keep your brain churning We offer head start classes to next level or topical revision classes for those who did not do well for end of year exams.

Unsure what was wrong in your exams? Studied so hard but unsure why you got certain questions wrong?
By joining our holiday modular revision classes, we will also offer an exam paper analysis for your child.
Through this analysis, we can better understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths, thereby recommending suitable learning habits and methods to aid their learning process.

Suitable for: Students who wish to get additional aid, is trying to catch up with school syllabus, find classes that match their school syllabus, exam paper analysis

Regular Weekly Classes
General Catch-Up Classes
Modular Math and Science Classes for Lower Secondary, IP 1 & 2
Optimised Classes – Subject banding specificity
Head Start Math and Science Classes - Primary 6 graduates to Secondary 1 and IP 1
Holiday Modular Revision Classes
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