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My Masterclass Study Notes

Achieve Academic Excellence with our Comprehensive Study Notes

Make Your Learning Easier with
My Masterclass Study Notes!

To ensure all students obtain the best learning experience possible, we have poured time & knowledge into crafting high quality notes published into a book. 

My Masterclass Study Notes feature supplementary teaching videos for every topic, to ensure that all students have a complete understanding for every topic. Our knowledgeable tutors have compiled comprehensive notes, checkpoints, worked examples & answering techniques to help Singapore Integrated Programme (IP) & O level (Common exam G3) students tackle their exams more effectively. 

Get your own copy of My Masterclass Study Notes Now!

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By purchasing our online resources, you will be given:

Extensive topics & In Depth Syllabus cover by IP & MOE schools

A hardcopy version of topical study notes and worked examples with solutions

 24/7 access to our teaching videos

How will this benefit you?

Catch up on your lessons at your own comfort at home & at your own convenience

Learn what is being taught in line with school curriculum & how to tackle commonly tested exam questions with our answering techniques

Enhance your understanding with supplementary information aside from fundamental concepts (for Integrated Programme schools)

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