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We provide a wide range of programmes for all our student.

The Integrated Programme (IP) is a scheme that allows high-performing students in secondary schools in Singapore to skip the GCE Ordinary Level (O-level) examination (typically taken by students at the end of their fourth or fifth year in secondary school) and proceed to sit for the GCE Advanced Level (A-level)

Tailored Classes with Subject Banding According to Students' Pace

Info : Specifically for students in different streams, we aim to cater our students into a level that will suit them best. Upon our interaction with the students, our teachers will come together to discuss a better teaching strategy or class allocation, so that your child will benefit the best out of their time here.

With changes to PSLE grading system, known as full subject-based branding, where subjects are banded according to AL1,2,3 etc, having optimised classes will definitely enhance their learning process.

Suitable for: Students who are looking for subject banding specificity

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