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E-Learning Resources

Your one stop 24/7 access to effective study materials

Take Learning into your own Hands!

To empower our students to take learning into their own hands, My MasterClass is giving our students complimentary access to additional Math and Science courses. On top of our weekly tuition classes and consultations, students can subscribe to our e-learning platform and access the free course materials created exclusively for My MasterClass students.

For independent learners who prefers to learn at their own timing, we also offer access to our e learning resources on a

one time payment.

If you are looking for assisted notes that will match specifically to e-Learning videos, this is for you!

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By purchasing our online resources, you will be given:

A hardcopy version of our notes

Anytime access to our lessons 

Specially crafted notes and techniques 

Limited number of consultations with our teachers.** (Conditions apply)

How will this benefit you?

You can save up a lot more money by purchasing our online resources instead of attending physical classes.


You can catch up with your lessons at your own time, at your own pace.


Our resources have been proven to be useful and effective in the GCE 'O' Level and integrated Programmes in Singapore.


You will learn more than just what is taught in school.

You can receive not just the basic theoretical concepts, you are also given extra information to aid your learning and understanding.

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