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Results & Reviews 2022 | My Masterclass


2022 Class -
End of Year Results

Based on students who have completed at least an academic year with us.


Students with Stellar Performance

Congratulations to Our Students for Achieving Distinction (A) in Mathematics & Science
Sec 1 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 2 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 3 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

IP4 Students (%)

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 4 Students E & A Math

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 4 Students Physics

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 4 Students Biology

Passed with  A & B Grades

Sec 4 Students Chemistry

Passed with  A & B Grades

Reviews From Parents

Solving Problems in Most Efficient Way

The teachers are able to explain and give us tips on how to solve many different problems in the most efficient way, easy to understand and easily approachable. I got pretty satisfactory grades after many lessons with them, they will also give lots of practices to hone our skills as well so that is also very good.


Catholic High School (S3IP)

Goes Through Commonly Tested Questions

The teachers in Masterclass often goes through commonly-tested questions in my school, allowing us to be familiar with the problems and being able to solve them. With the patience of the teachers and their commitment to help us improve, I have done decently in Level 1 and 2.

Lun Kiat

Catholic High School (S3IP)

Improved from Just Passing to A1 within a short time

They provided materials which are relevant with the school curriculum and the tutor was very fast and detailed in giving back the feedback for my son’s assignments. He improved from just passing to an A2 within a short time. We are happy with the progress he has made.

Siti Aishah

Parent of Qays, Raffles Institution (S1IP)

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  • Lower Secondary Science, IP Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
    We cover the following topics : Scientific Endeavour Diversity Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Physical Properties Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Chemical Composition (Element Compound Mixture) Exploring Diversity of Matter using Separation Techniques Models Ray Model of Light Model of Cells – the Basic Unit of Life Model of Matter – Particulate Nature of Matter (Kinetic Particle Theory) Model of Matter – Atoms and Molecules (Atomic Structure) Interactions Application of Forces and Transfer of Energy Heat and its Effects Chemical Changes Interactions within Ecosystems Systems Electrical Systems Human Digestive System Transport Systems in Living Things Human Sexual Reproductive System
  • Additional Upper Secondary topics that are covered by IP schools at Lower Secondary
    We cover the following topics : Science Chemical Bonding and Structure (Ionic & Covalent Bond) Chemical Changes - Formulae & Equation Writing Transport System in Living Things Biological Molecules - Enzymes Respiration in Humans Nutrition in Flowering Plants Molecular Genetics Biodiversity Turning Effect of Forces Newtonian Mechanics - Vectors Rate, Speed, Velocity, Time Math Numbers and their operations Ratio and proportions Percentages Rate and Speed Algebraic Expressions and Formulae Functions and graph Equations and inequalities Angles, triangles and polygons Mensuration Data handling and analysis Ratio and Proportions Geometry Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry Probability
  • Upper Secondary, IP Chemistry
    We cover the following topics : Atomic Structure and Stoichiometry Particulate Nature of Matter (Kinetic Particle Theory) Formulae and Equation Writing Chemical Calculations - Mole Concept & Stoichiometry Chemistry Of Reactions Redox Chemistry - Electrochemistry (Electrolysis) Chemical Energetics - Energy Change Rate of Reactions Redox Chemistry - Oxidation and Reduction Acids-Base Chemistry Qualitative Analysis Periodicity Patterns in the Periodic Table Patterns in the Periodic Table - Reactivity Series (Metals) Atmosphere Maintaining Air Quality Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
  • Upper Secondary, IP Biology
    We cover the following topics : Principles Of Biology Cell Structure and Organisation Movement of Substances Biological Molecules - Enzymes Biological Molecules - Nutrients Maintenance and Regulations Of Life Processes Nutrition in Humans Nutrition in Flowering Plants Transport in Flowering Plants Transport in Humans Respiration in Humans Excretion in Humans Homeostasis, Co-ordination and Response in Humans Continuity Of Life Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction in Humans Reproduction - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Reproduction - Aseuxal Reproduction & Cells Division Molecular Genetics Inheritance Man And His Environment Organisms and their Environment - Ecology
  • Upper Secondary, IP Physics
    We cover the following topics : Measurement Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement Newtonian Mechanics Kinematics Dynamics Vectors Turning Effect of Forces Pressure Energy Thermal Physics Kinetic Model of Matter Thermal Processes Thermal Properties of Matter Waves General Properties of Waves Light Electromagnetic Spectrum Sound Electricity & Magnetism Static Electricity Current of Electricity D.C. Circuits Practical Electricity Magnetism Electromagnetism Electromagnetic Induction
  • Upper Secondary A Math, IP Mathematics
    We cover the following topics : Quadratic Functions Equations and inequalities Surds Polynomials and Partial Fractions Binomial Expansions Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Trigonometric functions, identities and equations Coordinate geometry in two dimensions Proofs in plane geometry Differentiation and Integration
  • Upper Secondary E Math
    We cover the following topics : Laws on indices Functions and graph sketching Equations and inequalities Set language and notation Matrices Congruence and Similarity Properties of Circles Further trigonometry Coordinate geometry Vectors Data handling and analysis Probability
  • Additional H2 topics that are covered by IP schools at Upper Secondary
    We cover the following topics : Chemistry Atomic Structure – SPDF orbitals, Ionisation Energy Chemical Bonding and Structure – Dative bond, VSEPR theory & bond angles, polarities (hydrogen bond, polar bond, dipole) Ideal gas law Chemical Energetics Reaction Kinetics Chemical Equilibria Electrochemistry (electrode potential) Biology Cell membrane phospholipid bilayer & movement across the membrane Genetics & inheritance - Central Dogma (DNA, RNA), Mutations & Variations Aerobic Respiration – Krebs Cycle Photosynthesis – Kelvin Cycle Physics Scalars & Vectors Non-Linear Motion & Circular Motion Momentum Centre of Gravity Upthrust Math Functions(HCI/NY/RI/RGS/NJ/DHS) Graphical Transformation(NY/HCI/DHS) Differentiation of sec x , cosec x , cot x (NJC) Use of Graphing Calculator (Cedar/VS) 3 dimension vectors (CHS/DHS/HCI) Implicit differentiation (CHS) HCI SMTP TOPICS: L'hopital Rule, Integration by parts, permutation and combination, binomial distribution
  • H2 Mathematics
    We cover the following topics : ​ Functions Graphs and Transformation Equations and Inequalities Sequences and Series Vectors in two and three dimensions Complex numbers Differentiation, Maclaurin Series Integration techniques, Definite Integrals, Differential equations Probability, Discrete Random variables, Normal Distribution, Sampling, Hypothesis testing, correlation and linear regression
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